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A commitment to simplify deployment and maintenance by providing4G, 5G, Edge Computing routers and gateways along with a highly scalable, secure and customizable cloud system optimized for secure communication.

Edge Computing modems and routers

Our IoT cellular edge routers and gateway provides robust, Industrial grade cellular in 4G and 5G Edge devices –suitable to all your industrial IoT needs. The flexible architecture of the XE platform provides an opportunity for its customers to choose the mode of communication. The XNet Edge devices is field-tested and able to cater to customer demands as Gateways, Modems to Routers with multiple interface connection options such as analog input and output, USB, serial RS232, RS485, Ethernet,  with single SIM or Dual SIM option and WAN capability on the cellular network (4G and 5G).

IoT Products


Cellular serial smart modem RS232 / RS485, LTE Cat4, fieldbus protocols

XE33 2C

Dual LTE cellular engine IoT router with 1 WAN, 1 serial and 2 LAN ports.





XE33 2S

Dual SIM cellular router with 5/9 serial port, 1 WAN and 2 LAN ports

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From the company’s inception, ANTELL set out to create the most reliable and easiest-to-use internet connection. Since then, they have developed a potent combination of products and technologies that can help you build IoT and SD-WAN networks with unbreakable connection resilience, unmatched deployment flexibility, intuitively easy to use.