Enterprise products

Providing simply the best internet connection in the world.

From the company’s inception, Peplink set out to create the most reliable and easiest-to-use routers. Since then, they have developed a potent combination of products and technologies that can help you build SD-WAN networks with unbreakable connection resilience, unmatched deployment flexibility, and intuitively easy to use.

They have assisted thousands of customers in switching from traditional WAN to our SDWAN solutions, resulting in improved bandwidth, higher WAN reliability, and cheaper costs. 

These customers range from home office users to company branch networks to emergency vehicles. www.peplink.com

Cost Reduction

Reduce MPLS cost up to 90% ! Our solution can replace easily up to 13 internet connections by lower cost ADSL or ou cable.

Zero interruption

All internet connections can be used simultaneously and back up each other in the event of a failure

SIMPLE Administration

Ultra-simple management thanks to a single centralized tool in the cloud with an intuitive interface


Single/Dual WAN router  

Max & MAX HD series

 MAX routers provide an unbreakable and reliable internet connection that is ideal for a wide variety of applications. MAX routers can connect simultaneously to multiple internet connections, such as 5G/4G/3G, Satellite, Wi-Fi, and other mobile internet connections. Dual cellular module, enterprise, or ruggedized casing with waterproof IP67 option.

Balance series

Designed for enterprise networks that stay connected even if a WAN link breaks. Balance routers support a wide range of load balancing algorithms to handle any situation. The Peplink Balance series helps you build an unbreakable software-defined internet connection (SD-WAN).

With its FlexiModule Mini option, add : 5G module, VDSL module, LoRaWan module, LTE A module cat 6 – 12 or 16


Scalable remote management for your local network. Simply plug in a USB dongle for out-of-band management. Peplink’s SD switches let you set up and manage your network from the web. Simply plug the switch into a power outlet, connect it to your network, go to InControl (public or private) and use any computer or smartphone. The software allows you manage and monitor your network from anywhere in the world.

Wi-fi Access Point

Pepwave Access Point Series provide you with a fast, secure and reliable Wi-Fi connection for your entire network. The high-quality execution, flexibility to implement them everywhere and the ease of use and management make these access points a perfect addition to your complete network solution.

Max transit

Ruggedized router dedicated to transport : Built from the ground up to fit the needs of transportation deployments, location services and on-the-go-mobile deployment for power bank input. Features full certifications as well as vehicle-specific features such as ignition sensing.


Because without quality antenna, no connection can perform, Peplink Antennas are designed to provide unbreakable connectivity to all type of applications. Each Peplink antenna is designed to fulfill a particular necessity in order to satisfy the demands of diverse circumstances