Mobility SDWAN for maritime & Specialized Markets

Address new Demands with 5G ready Equipment

What are the Challenges of mobility Connectivity?

Fluctuating Network Availability

Network availability and speed of links vary based on the vessel’s location. Peplink combines any connection to ensure connectivity is always available.

Certified Ruggedness

Industrial and robotic equipment are often exposed to some of the most extreme forms of vibration and weather conditions.

The big picture

Private 5G / LTE

Easily deploy private networks that are ideal for industrial sites, manufacturing, remote sites, and campuses.


Combine Multiple LTE, WiFi and VSAT for Video Streaming Onboard.


Improve your customer satisfaction with Peplink SD-WAN. Gathers vehicle data and enhance the operating activities of your business.

Robotics / Teleoperations

Enable New Applications that Used to be Impossible.

Media & Film Production

Get from Imagination to Production Faster with SpeedFusion Unbreakable VPN.

HazLoc Connectivity

Secure and reliable connectivity 24/7, keeping you connected to those hazardous areas.