Starlink with Peplink

Supercharge Your Starlink Experience

Anywhere anytime always stay connected with the best internet connexion

Peplink allows you to combine Starlink with 5G and other connections. This makes Starlink an even better solution when more reliable connectivity is needed. Applications like Zoom, Teams and other real time services stay stable and smooth. With Peplink, you’ll be able to make sure that your connection stays rock solid.

What are the Challenges of Starlink Connectivity?

Starlink Connections May Occasionally Break

Due to the nature of Starlink’s LEO satellites, outages sometimes occur in the case of bad weather.

Challenging Location Requirements

Having tall objects around the satellite dish lowers the efficiency of your connection greatly, which could make your important applications suffer.

Common Scenarios

Unbreakable Connectivity

With Hot Failover, users will be able to fallback to a standard cellular connection when Starlink gets cut off.

Starlink won’t always be reliable, especially if it’s installed as a mobile deployment. Hot Failover helps ensure session persistence with zero down time.

Optimize Your Network

Take full control of what traffic travels through Starlink and your other WANs.

When Starlink’s performance isn’t up to par, designate priority traffic through other WANs so ongoing applications don’t suffer.

Likewise, designate high bandwidth, low priority traffic (e.g. file downloads) through Starlink during off-peak hours to take full advantage of their data plan.

Bonding with Starlink

Combine the bandwidth of multiple Starlink connections to create one unbreakable high speed network.

Useful for providing high speed connections where nothing else works (e.g. Cruises / Remote events).

Combine the bandwidth of Starlink connections with LTE to provide seamless connectivity in remote area.

Useful for providing full time connectivity suited for areas where connectivity has been unreliable (e.g. Mobile / Maritime deployments).

FAQ / Resources

Do Peplink routers support Starlink?

A. Yes, you can even continue using the Starlink app to check your signal. We keep our firmware up to date to stay current with Starlink updates.

How do Peplink routers enhance my Starlink setup?

A. Starlink roams across many satellites over the course of a single day. These roams may cause problems for applications like Zoom, Teams, and other real time video/audio streams. At worst, it may even cause full internet outages.

Peplink’s SpeedFusion lets you combine Starlink with 5G, 4G, and other WANs to seamlessly fill in those gaps so your applications remain smooth and reliable.

You can customize your application priorities and protection so you can keep costs in check and make sure important traffic is protected.

Can Bandwidth Bonding be applied to Starlink?

A. Firmware 8.3.0 introduces improvements to our dynamic weighted bonding algorithm while bonding multiple Starlink antennas together for greater upload and download speeds.

We plan on continuing our work on improving the ability to combine the speed of Starlink with the reliability of terrestrial broadband and 5G/4G connections. When using Starlink with these connections, Hot failover and WAN Smoothing are recommended. Achieving increased upload and download throughput across Starlink and other WANs is expected to have mixed results. Further improvements with these connection types are likely possible with the fine tuning of network settings, as well as with firmware improvements targeted for future releases.

Do I need a Subscription to use Peplink devices?

A. No, we do not restrict configurations or continued operation of your network devices if your subscription expires. We will always allow our users to log directly into their router and change any parameters they need, as well as perform manual firmware upgrades.

All of our devices come with a one year subscription of our care plans and InControl cloud management. Customers can choose to continue these subscriptions, but you will not be locked out of your network if you decide not to extend your subscriptions.