Public Safety

Unbreakable SD-WAN for Public Safety

Achieve a robust and secure wireless network for any public safety agency by providing rapid speeds, ultra-low latency, and unmatchable connectivity to strengthen communications.

Connectivity that Never Quits

The big picture

Truly Seamless

Only Peplink can deliver truly seamless connectivity out of the box. No need to add 3rd party VPNs or other devices. Any device or application you care about can have a zero logout, zero drop experience.

No Compromises Security

What is the point of a private network if your network’s management system is on the public Internet? Peplink gives you a no compromise option to run the management system in your own private network, or use our secure hosted cloud.

Speed Matters – SpeedFusion Delivers

SpeedFusion is packet level technology that takes all available links and shares the load, even for a single application. Competitors only spread each application to one or another connection, leaving them vulnerable and unable to react quickly if that connection fades.

Pay for what you NEED

Peplink delivers connectivity with better technology at a better price. How? We invest our money into engineering instead of an army of sales people. The results speak for themselves and we partner with local experts to make sure you have great support.

Ready for ANYTHING you need to do

We can transparently bridge remote sites to local networks and have hardware and software devices to allow your team to architect solutions that are impossible for others to achieve.