Mobile antenna series

Mobile Antenna Series

Mobility antenna series

Maritime antenna series

Designed to provide unbreakable connectivity while traveling on the road,

the Mobility comes with multiple mounting options making it suitable

for public safety and transportation applications.

With the intention of bringing unbreakable connectivity to the waters,

the Maritime series comes in IP68 rated and UV proof housing,

capable of withstanding even the harshest weather conditions.

Mobile Antenna Series

IP 66 Directional Dual MIMO IoT antenna

With 2 cellular channels, the IoT 20G is a high-gain antenna optimized for LTE/5G bands.

Its IP66 enclosure and support for Band 71 makes this antenna an ideal and easy installation for remote deployments.

Mobile Antenna Series

Extension cables

A full array of UV stabilized and low-loss extension cable options with different connectors and lengths to meet any of your antenna needs.

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Mobile Antenna Series

Mobility antenna caracteristics

Maritime antenna caracteristics

IP66 antenna caracteristics

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